"Life always teaches me that relentless tenacity, and unfailing faith; both make world change." Juls
So, join me all who are weary, who long for inspiration, so we learn and grow together on this life's journey.  Let's THRIVE!🌻


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The Hill We Climb

Amanda Gorman

🌻"For there is always light,

if only we're brave enough to see it.

If only we're brave enough to be it."🌻



🌻Tenacity.  Hope brings me the courage to seek daily goals.   I choose to step forward.   I choose to believe in Christ.  I choose to serve my community.   Choice is happiness.  Happiness is a choice.   I've learned so many things from going through life and the most important is that each day is a gift.   I choose to live that gift in the best way I know how - to love God,  my family, myself,  and my community.  Taking one day,  one step at a time to choose happiness.  We all have that choice and many years I was lost.  I thank God for seeking me out as His daughter first and foremost.  He gives me hope and will.   He planted a seed in me long ago to become bilingual.   What a gift!  I meet so many people who teach me along the way.   I am blessed with this gift.   Although it can make life difficult at times being a part of 2 different worlds; it is me.Through blogging I seek to share life experiences,  lessons I've learned, and to continue my writing; as it is a passion of mine that helps heal,  hopes to inspire, and describes not just being a survivor; yet a THRIVER.🌻

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